• Plastic Ban in Kenya: 

Please note that all use, import and production of plastic bags, such as those we know from supermarkets, etc., is prohibited in Kenya.
We therefore recommend that you avoid using plastic bags when packing your luggage. Use fabric bags instead, or bags made of a waterproof material other than plastic. If, for example, you are visibly carrying hand luggage in plastic bags upon your arrival in Kenya, you will be asked to hand them in. This also includes plastic bags from “Duty Free”, etc.

  • Currency:

Kenya’s currency is the Kenyan Shilling (KSH).
Small cash denominations are handy for tipping and minor expenses. Kindly note the hotels also accept do not accept United States dollar notes that are dated before 2006.

  • Temperatures:

Kenya lies in the tropics and therefore the temperatures tend to be relatively warm with light showers. In May temperatures will range from 15 degrees to 24 degrees. Sunscreen and lip balm may come in handy.

  • Clothing:

We recommend that you bring light clothing. With cool mornings and evenings, layering is suggested.
Laundry service is available (at a cost) which can help you replenish your supply of clean clothing, as you need it.
Avoid bare feet and legs due to mosquitoes at night. Mosquito repellent is recommended.

  • Electricity: 

We suggest you travel with a variety of international adapter plugs. Our sockets mainly accommodate the adapter plug with 3 square prongs.

  • Visitors must have a valid visa to visit Kenya. Your passport must also be valid for at least six months after the date of your arrival in the country.


  • In 2017 Kenya introduced ‘e-Visa’, the electronic tourist visa, although you can still apply for a visa manually on arrival at the Nairobi airport in Kenya.


  • The transition to the new scheme has taken longer than expected. This means that you can still choose to apply for a visa on arrival at the Nairobi airport, or online before flying into Kenya.


  • It is recommended to travel to Kenya with a Yellow Fever Certificate

Manual application for a visa on arrival in Kenya:

  • On arrival at the airport in Kenya, you will need to complete an application form and pay a fee of USD 50. The process is relatively smooth and fast.
  • In the field where you are requested to state your Kenyan address, please enter the name of the hotel where you are proceeding to.


Electronic visa application for Kenya:

  • Please use the website www.evisa.go.ke to apply for an electronic e-Visa. You may pay by credit card. The visa processing fee is USD 50, and there is a service charge of USD 1.
  • This must be done at-least two weeks before travel
  • The visa application process involves uploading your passport picture along with your passport photograph. Your visa shall be issued approximately five days after you register. You shall be required to print a copy of your electronic visa, bring it with you for presentation along with your passport on arrival in Kenya.


Other things you need to bear in mind regarding your visa:

  • You shall be required to complete a landing card that will be issued to you on the plane, or at the visa desk when you enter Kenya
  • You shall be required to complete an exit card, which will be provided to you in the departure terminal when leaving Kenya


Travel Consultant: Cathy Mukiria

Phone Number: +254 726483848 or +254 736541300

Email: cathy@muthaiga.co.ke